Horses Auctions – Why Online Is the Way to Go

Selling a horse at auction often takes a bad rap. This comes from years of people being conditioned to view the auctions as a place of sorrow and “The End”¬†where Joe Horse Trader and Sally Slaughter Queen would take unwanted horses from sellers that had no use further use for them, or could no longer care for them and would try to make a quick buck (no pun intended). But times have changed and it’s time to embrace fully embrace the auction environment.

Some of the greatest horses of our time have been bought and sold at auction. Auctions are not the enemy. If you have a horse that you’re selling and take it upon yourself to advertise on the internet, the amount of work you put in can sometimes not be worth the hassle of all the tire kickers and leave you feeling frustrated and hopeless. When you advertise your horse in with an established and legitimate auction company, you are cutting your work load in half right from the get go.

Auction companies that have a routine auction schedule such as the 1st of every month or the 10th-12th of every month tend to have a following of individuals that come to expect a new list of horses each and every month and are already waiting when that list emailed to them or they see the next months list of horses posted.


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